What We’re Reading Today (10/4)

Each morning, IWPR’s @landewatson compiles articles on gender, race, economics, and other policy issues IWPR staff want to know about. See below for what we’re reading today. (Note: articles included do not necessarily reflect the views of IWPR’s staff.)


The New York Times

Start-Ups Use Technology to Redesign the Hiring Process

Iris Bohnet, October 3


The New York Times

Inspired or Frustrated, Women Are Starting Businesses of Their Own

Kerry Hannon, October 3


Huffington Post

Las Vegas Shooter Was Known To Verbally Abuse His Girlfriend In Public

Melissa Jeltsen, October 3
Market Watch

Who is middle class? Their income is lower than you might think

Alicia H. Munnell, October 3


The Wall Street Journal

The Hand-to-Hand Combat to Save Payday Lending

Yuka Hayashi, October 4


The New York Times

What Women Say They Need to Help Them Achieve Their Goals

Alix Strauss, October 3


The New York Times

States Gird for Worst as Congress Wrestles with Children’s Insurance Program

Robert Pear, October 3


The Wall Street Journal

House Backs Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

Michelle Hackman, October 3
Huffington Post

The ACLU Is Suing To Increase Access To The Abortion Pill

Catherine Pearson, October 3



The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Has No Regrets About Fighting for Equal Treatment

Eileen Reslen, October 3



The Wall Street Journal

OECD Report: Rich Countries Need to Wage War on Gender Pay Gap

Paul Hannon, October 4



The Washington Post

Congress just let the program that keeps my daughter alive expire

David Berzonsky, Octobr 4

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