What We’re Reading Today (8/28)

Each morning, IWPR’s @landewatson compiles articles on gender, race, economics, and other policy issues IWPR staff want to know about. See below for what we’re reading today. (Note: articles included do not necessarily reflect the views of IWPR’s staff.)


The New York Times

The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students

Gail O. Mellow, August 28



The New York Times

Why Medicare and Medicaid Can Outmatch Private Plans on Cost

Austin Frakt, August 28


The Wall Street Journal

Unemployment’s Steady Fall Could Signal Trouble—or a Broader Structural Shift

David Harrison, August 27


The Wall Street Journal

In St. Louis, a Rare Effort to Lower the Minimum Wage

Eric Morath, August 27


The Washington Post

Some say people on disability just need to get back to work. It’s not that easy.

Terrence McCoy, August 27


The New York Times

Closing a Racial Divide, One Swim Lesson at a Time

Vivian Wang, August 27



Refinery 29

Insecure Stars Say Black Women’s Equal Pay Gap Is Everyone’s Problem

Judith Ohikuare



The Washington Post

No, millennials aren’t killing stable employment

Danielle Paquette, August 28


The New York Times

Unemployment in Black and White

NYT Editorial Board, August 28


The New York Times

The Secret to a Good Robot Teacher

David DeSteno, Cynthia Breazeal and Paul Harris, August 26


The New York Times

Two Lessons in Prejudice

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, August 26

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