What We’re Reading Today (8/25)

Each morning, IWPR’s @landewatson compiles articles on gender, race, economics, and other policy issues IWPR staff want to know about. See below for what we’re reading today. (Note: articles included do not necessarily reflect the views of IWPR’s staff.)


The New York Times

As Coding Boot Camps Close, the Field Faces a Reality Check

Steve Lohr, August 24


The Economist

Does ageing explain America’s disappointing wage growth?

August 24


Huffington Post

What It’s Like To Be A Teen In The U.S. Who Can’t Afford Tampons

Eleanor Goldberg, August 25


The New York Times

Will the Republican Tax Bill Be Aimed at the Economic Past, or the Future?

Neil Irwin, August 25



Uber Is Donating $1.2 Million to Girls Who Code

Maggie Mallon, August 24


The Washington Post

Golden parachutes for presidents of public colleges with thin budgets

Jon Marcus, August 25



The Economist

Are men more irrationally exuberant than women?

August 24



The Washington Post

Researcher’s fight to close achievement gap irked school board for years

Jay Mathews, August 25




The Washington Post

Don’t fall for the misinformation campaign against Title IX reforms

Chad W. Dunn, August 24


The Washington Post

Making a dent in student debt with ‘Freshman Year for Free’

Michelle Singletary, August 24


The New York Times

The Worst (and Best) Places to Be Gay in America

Frank Bruni, August 25

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