What We’re Reading Today (8/23)

Each morning, IWPR’s @landewatson compiles articles on gender, race, economics, and other policy issues IWPR staff want to know about. See below for what we’re reading today. (Note: articles included do not necessarily reflect the views of IWPR’s staff.)


Market Watch

We need to talk about ‘hot’ female economists

Jillian Berman, August 22



An Air Force Cadet At 25: A Sign Of The Times In Higher Education

Elissa Nadworny, August 23




The Fight for Equal Pay: Women, Minorities on TV Still Making Less Than White Men

Daniel Holloway, August 22



Even Artificial Intelligence Is Sexist

Suzannah Weiss, August 22


Huffington Post

There’s Nothing Subtle About The Sexism In Tech

Emily Peck, August 22


Market Watch

We need to talk about ‘hot’ female economists

Jillian Berman, August 22


Huffington Post

Georgia Woman Claims She Was Fired Because Of Her Period

Alanna Vagianos, August 22



These 22 College Students Will Change Your Perspective on What It’s Like to be a Young Woman in America Right Now

Ashley Edwards Walker, Jessica Militare and Kate Friedman, August 23


Teen Vogue

Atlanta Could Elect a Queer Muslim Woman for the First Time

Emma Sarran Webster, August 22


The New York Times

Labor Wants to Make Nafta Its Friend. Here’s the Problem.

Eduardo Porter, August 22


The Washington Post

Virginia parents to receive free baby boxes, part of a campaign to promote safe sleep

Michael Alison Chandler, August 23


Market Watch

Young middle-class adults spend their money (to help them in job interviews)

Maria Lamagna, August 23



The Washington Post

The hard work of school reform is paying off in the District

WaPo Editorial Board, August 22



The New York Times

Why I Refuse to Avoid White People

Chloe Valdaray, August 22


The Washington Post

Where do we learn that poverty is shameful and dangerous? At the movies.

Stephen Pimpare, August 23


The Washington Post

Want to see proof of institutional racism? Let weed open your eyes.

Courtland Miloy, August 22


The Wall Street Journal

Right-to-Work Sore Losers

WSJ Editorial Board, August 22

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