What We’re Reading Today (8/21)

Each morning, IWPR’s @landewatson compiles articles on gender, race, economics, and other policy issues IWPR staff want to know about. See below for what we’re reading today. (Note: articles included do not necessarily reflect the views of IWPR’s staff.)


The New York Times

How Hate Groups Forced Online Platforms to Reveal Their True Nature

John Herrman, August 21


The New York Times

Fat Bias Starts Early and Takes a Serious Toll

Jane Brody, August 21



Pregnant Meteorologist Gives Powerful Response to Body-Shaming on Air

Suzannah Weiss, August 21


The Washington Post

Labor groups step up pressure on Trump to deliver

David Weigel, August 20



3 Women Who Quit Their Jobs at Google Share Stories of Workplace Racism and Sexism

Tess Kornfield, August 19



The Washington Post

Baltimore uses trauma research to improve life for poor parents and their children

Mark Beckford, August 20


The Washington Post

Homeless LGBT youth find a place to call their own in D.C.

Madhumita Murgia, August 19



The Washington Post

Child labor: The inconvenient truth behind India’s growth story

Josh Jacobs and Reeva Misra, August 21



The New York Times

What Will Trump Do to American Workers?

Paul Krugman, August 21


The Washington Post

What do black Americans have to lose? Under Trump, we’ve already lost a lot.

Cedric L. Richmond, August 21


The Wall Street Journal

The Teamsters’ Impunity

WSJ Editorial Board, August 20


The Washington Post

Racism doesn’t exist all by itself, it has support.

Tom Toles, August 18



Men Need to Stop Telling Women to “Take a Joke”

Jennifer Wright, August 20



The New York Times

The Solar Eclipse: What to Expect

NYT, August 21

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